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Working more effectively with function keys

Your keyboard is the most important way to pull information from the system! Thus, with the function keys you speed up your daily routine work.
Did you know that with the function keys on the keyboard you can work more efficiently at the reception desk

  • Where can the logs be found at a glance?
  • Where do you check cancellations, no shows & Co?
  • Where can you find unbilled services?
  • How do you find invoices quickly and without stress?

Everything easy to find!
With [F6] on the keyboard or in the menu bar with click on [F6] the window “Occupancy list by room” opens. Under “Tools” you will find the menu item “Logs”.

GASTROdat Listen

Best practice

gastrodat protocol

Unbilled services:
Also under “Tools”

gastrodat unbilled services

Search invoice
In the menu bar under “File”

gastrodat search invoice

Have fun trying it out!