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gastrodat 2go

Quick overview on the road!

Our new all-in-one solution gastrodat 2go is the ideal companion for hoteliers who want to access the gastrodat hotel software on the way. With gastrodat 2go, you have everything under control at all times – intuitively and with secure access.

The web application runs on all common devices (smartphone, tablet, PC) and is particularly suitable for:

  • owner-managed hotels where the reception desk is sometimes unmanned,
  • lodging establishments with unusual check-in times (business trips),
  • guest apartments where the owners are usually not on site – for example, because they have other full-time jobs.

gastrodat 2go includes numerous functions of the gastrodat hotel software and the previously independent apps gastrodat RoomPlanner, gastrodat Cleaner and gastrodat Guest+. Added to this are further features and an appealing, intuitive design.

main functions

  • Dashboard: Graphically presented occupancy and statistics (consumption, revenue, occupancy, channels, travel agencies, countries).
  • Room schedule: Create appointments, edit appointments (offer – reservation – occupancy), add services.
  • Occupancy: Overview of arriving, staying and departing guests
  • Check-In: optional part of gastrodat 2go: the Check-In-App (CIA) web application includes the PreCheckIn tool and additionally the functions travel document upload, digital signature, consent newsletter, guest card generation, DSGVO and electronic guest registration, as well as automatic deposit for registration control.
  • Cleaner: Reporting of clean rooms directly into the gastrodat room plan.
  • Minibar: Booking of defined services from the minibar directly into the gastrodat appointment.
  • Offers: Overview of offers created in gastrodat 2go. Dispatch also possible if gastrodat CorrespondenzManager is installed.
  • Newsletter: Functions of gastrodat MarketingManager (statistics and automatism, if installed)
  • Licenses: gastrodat 2go automatically detects whether you use other gastrodat software solutions and integrates them.

And many more functions! Just ask for it.

True to the motto “simplify hospitality”, gastrodat 2go makes hospitality a bit easier again!

Sounds good? Then get mobile now!

Frequently asked questions about gastrodat 2go