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gastrodat add ons

Customized solutions for your needs

With our all-in-one solution gastrodat 2go, the gastrodat apps, our additional modules, the voucher system and the ChannelManager, we offer tailor-made answers to your needs.

gastrodat 2go dashboard
gastrodat 2go dashboard

gastrodat 2go

Our new all-in-one solution gastrodat 2go is the ideal companion for hoteliers who want to access the gastrodat hotel software on the way. With the web application, you have everything under control at all times – intuitively and with secure access

  • Numerous functions of the gastrodat hotel software
  • All the functions of the previously standalone apps gastrodat RoomPlanner, gastrodat Cleaner and gastrodat Guest+
  • Additional features and an appealing, intuitive design.
  • For all common devices (smartphone, tablet, PC).

Modernes, funktionales Design für mehr Flexibilität – das zeichnet die gastrodat CheckIn-App (CIA) und und den gastrodat Partial Viewer aus. Von den Apps profitieren Gäste, Hoteliers und Inhaber fremdgeführter Appartements.


Modern, functional design for more flexibility – this is what distinguishes the gastrodat CheckIn app (CIA) and the gastrodat Partial Viewer. Guests, hoteliers and owners of apartments managed by third parties benefit from the apps.

  • gastrodat CIA CheckIn app: The web-based software extension to PreCheckIn with travel document upload and digital signature for all needs.
  • gastrodat Partial Viewer: The owner app, optimally suited for externally managed lodging establishments.

gastrodat Zusatzmodule
additional Modules

additional modules

For special needs, gastrodat has developed numerous additional modules that convince with their targeted functions.

  • gastrodat seminar management: Our comprehensive tool for seminar hotels.
  • gastrodat resource planner: Our wellness planner is used for scheduling and managing resources.
  • gastrodat waiter management: This solution integrates all services into the accounting that were not booked to a hotel room by the restaurant cash register (weddings, etc.).
  • gastrodat Electronic Guest Sheet (EGB): This product eliminates the need to purchase sign-in pads.

gastrodat - hotel software
gastrodat – hotel software

voucher system

The integrated gastrodat voucher management allows you to issue vouchers in the desired amount directly from the Property Management System (PMS). An automatically assigned number range controls the correct redemption and offsetting entry in the hotel management program.

  • gastrodat also offers two types of interfaces to Incert voucher systems.
  • For beginners, the Express variant offers a simple way to sell value vouchers online on your website.
  • With the Professional variant you can offer value & package vouchers with different designs and themes – evaluations and order lists included.
  • Optionally, it can be extended with a gift card system, ticket system or product store.

gastrodat Channel Manager
gastrodat Channel Manager


With the ChannelManager, the quotas from gastrodat are transferred to online portals fully automatically. The maintenance of the individual channels is no longer necessary, as the ChannelManager acts as a distributor.

  • Manual editing of availabilities on the various booking platforms is no longer necessary.
  • The bookings are imported directly via the interface into the gastrodat hotel software.
  • A booking confirmation is sent to the guest fully automatically after the booking is completed, which means that your room is now no longer available.
  • The quotas you set directly affect the available rooms in all platforms. As a result, a room that has already been booked will not be reallocated.