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Front Office CLOUD

FOCloud – your award-winning cloud solution for hotels and restaurants!

With the Front Office Cloud, gastrodat presents a real game changer in the hotel software industry.

The award-winning solution combines hotel program, restaurant cash register, marketing tool and employee communication in a unique way.
All data is securely stored in the cloud and at the same time available synchronized anytime and anywhere. On different devices – even mobile! 

Front Office Cloud – your facilitator for the hotel & gastronomy industry

  • Advantages: From management to marketing and team communication
  • Main modules: From the hotel program to the restaurant cash register to the guest app
  • Additional modules: From the PaymentManager to the WebShop and HouseKeeping
  • Interfaces: From the ChannelManager to the reporting system to the eC-Terminal
Front Office Cloud
Front Office Cloud – your hotel in the cloud

The Front Office Cloud represents a revolutionary advancement in the world of hotel software. It offers secure, synchronized access to data anytime, anywhere, making it a real game changer in the hotel software industry. This cloud-based solution guarantees that all data is securely stored and synchronously available anytime and anywhere, even from mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablets. 

Use in practice for the hotel and restaurant industry

The application enables efficient management of daily tasks in the hotel and gastronomy industry, from room and table management to the billing system, marketing and communication with the team. 

Advantages of Front Office Cloud hotel software explained further

Management efficiency: 

  • Optimization of occupancy through a clear room plan 

Marketing and communication: 

  • Integrated marketing tool and communication platform for employees 

Data security and availability: 

  • Secure storage of all data in the cloud with access anytime, anywhere  

Customizability and modularity: 

  • Modular structure allows you to pay only for the functions you need 
  • Choice of a wide range of tools for marketing, management and communication 

Comprehensive functions and interfaces: 

  • Integration of hotel program, restaurant cash register, SPA planner, guest app and more 
  • Numerous interfaces to hardware and web solutions for an extended range of applications 

Practical modules and functions of the gastronomy & hotel software

The Front Office Cloud offers an extensive range of modules and functions that have been specially developed for the requirements of the hotel and gastronomy industry. These modules and hotel software not only support daily tasks such as enquiries, bookings and billing, but also optimize occupancy and pricing due to the clear room plan and the channel manager interface. 

Hotel program 

  • Easy to use: Complete daily tasks quickly and efficiently 
  • Optimization: Clear room plan for occupancy optimization 
  • Statistics and reports: Support for billing and pricing 
  • For a wide range of businesses: from large hotel chains to small hotels and guesthouses 

Restaurant cash register 

  • Flexibility: Simple and fast operation, customized to your business 
  • Clarity: Clearly structured table plan with reservation function for your restaurant 
  • Customizability: Individual quick buttons and use on different devices 

Additional modules and interfaces 

  • Marketing and management: Tools such as the table planner and the communication manager 
  • Technical integration: Connection to hardware and web solutions such as locking systems and telephone systems 

Who is the Front Office Cloud suitable for?

The Front Office Cloud is tailor-made for a wide range of hospitality businesses, including hotels, restaurants, bars, apartments, guest houses, holiday flats, hostels and hostels. It is also suitable for retailers, shops and kiosks who want to benefit from a comprehensive cash register system and warehouse management. 

This cloud-based hotel software is ideal for businesses that want to gain a digital competitive advantage by modernizing and optimizing their operations. The cloud ensures that the software is always up to date in terms of security and topicality. With the Front Office Cloud, you are investing in a future in which the management of your business is simplified enabling you to concentrate on the essentials: Your guests. 

The Front Office Cloud is more than just a cloud-based hotel software solution. It is an integral partner for anyone working in the hospitality industry. With its extensive range of modules, functions and interfaces, it offers a unique platform for optimizing bookings and business processes in hotels and restaurants. Switch to the cloud and experience how your hotel and restaurant business can be led into the digital future.