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gastrodat channel manager

Fully automatic, without loss of time

gastrodat channel manager

With the channel manager, the quotas from gastrodat are transferred to the online portal fully automatically.

The maintenance of the individual channels is no longer necessary, as the channel manager acts as a distributor. The manual editing of availabilities is therefore obsolete.

This saves you valuable time!

The bookings are imported directly via the interface into the gastrodat hotel software. In the room plan, these are highlighted in color and marked as online appointments.

All data filled out in the online form is automatically stored. This saves you a lot of work and keeps the guest file clean. A booking confirmation is sent to the guest fully automatically after the booking is completed, which means that your room is now no longer available. Of course, the channel code is also entered.

The contingents you set have a direct effect on the available rooms in all platforms. This means that a room that has already been booked will not be allocated again.

Frequently asked questions about gastrodat channel manager