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gastrodat 2go: My hotel always with me!

True to the motto “simplify hospitality”, gastrodat 2go makes hospitality a bit easier again! Our new all-in-one solution gastrodat 2go is the ideal companion for hoteliers who want to access the hotel software gastrodat on the go.

gastrodat 2go dashboard

gastrodat 2go – what can I expect from it?

gastrodat 2go is a web-based extension of the gastrodat hotel software gastrodat. With the all-in-one solution, you can use your smartphone to complete tasks in gastrodat at any time and from anywhere.

What are the advantages of gastrodat 2go?

Like other browser applications, gastrodat 2go is easy and intuitive to use. Access is possible anytime and anywhere – whether via WLAN or mobile data. State-of-the-art technology makes gastrodat 2go secure and compliant with data protection laws. In addition, the appealing design is convincing.

What functions does gastrodat 2go include?

gastrodat 2go includes the functions dashboard, room plan, occupancy, cleaner, minibar, offers, check-in (optional) and functions of the CorrespondenceManager (optional).

For whom gastrodat 2go has been developed?

The target group for gastrodat 2go are hotel owners who cannot always be at the reception desk and want to access gastrodat while on the road. gastrodat 2go is also of interest to landlords and landladies who run apartments as a sideline and are usually not on site. The same applies to lodging establishments whose check-in times are unusual (for business travelers, for example).

Why should I combine gastrodat 2go with gastrodat CorrespondenzManager?

If you link gastrodat 2go with gastrodat CorrespondenzManager, you can send offers directly from your smartphone.

To what extent does gastrodat 2go replace previous gastrodat apps?

gastrodat 2go includes the functions of the previously standalone apps gastrodat RoomPlanner, gastrodat Cleaner, gastrodat Minibar and gastrodat Guest+ as well as gastrodat AllI-in-One. Optionally, functions of the gastrodat CheckIn app (CIA) can be integrated. The gastrodat Partial Viewer (owner app) has completely different target groups and focuses and is therefore not part of gastrodat 2go.

gastrodat 2go automatically detects whether you are already using other gastrodat products and integrates them.