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Did you know I (EN)

In our new course “Did you know I” we train four functions that are integrated in gastrodat but often receive little attention: cashbook, accounts, debitor management, voucher management and quicklist.

The online training “Did you know I” is aimed at hoteliers, receptionists and receptionists who would like to learn more about modules that you may not currently be using properly. Yet the functions have numerous profitable advantages that want to be recognized.

For the administration of groups, users, and serial letters we refer to the course “Did you know II”.


  • cashbook
  • debitor management
  • voucher management
  • list recommendation


Course cost per person € 490,00
Two persons of one company in one course € 890,00
One person in two courses (Did you know I & Did you know II) € 890,00
Please note the limited number of participants of six persons per course!


  • Internet connection on the PC
  • Loudspeaker and microphone or ideally headset
  • Webcam (external or integrated in the device)
  • To work on the exercise examples, you need a current Office 2019 or Office 365

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