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New room plan course (NRP)

The update to the new gastrodat room plan is accompanied by numerous changed paths and processes. Reason enough to explain the new functions in detail. For this purpose, we have created the course “new room plan”.

Since November 2022, gastrodat customers can update to the new room plan. In the revised version, we have, among other things, reduced the main menu, tidied up the submenus and made control paths more comprehensible.

The Manager Report has also been improved and now presents even more relevant information. In addition, the design of the room plan can now be adapted even more easily to individual needs.

The differences to the old room plan are explained in detail in the course “new room plan”.


  • new features in the main menu
  • disabled main menu items
  • new shortcuts


Course cost per person € 250.00 – Two participants from one company € 400.00
Please note the limited number of participants of six persons per course!

Note: After the course you can have your gastrodat updated to the latest version. The update is included in the course fee


  • Internet connection on the PC
  • Loudspeaker and microphone or ideally headset
  • Webcam (external or integrated in the device)
  • To work on the exercise examples, you need a current Office 2019 or Office 365

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