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MarketingManager course (MM)

In this training you will learn everything about the MarketingManager, the MarketingManager Premium and the RatingManager. You will then be able to create and send newsletters, configure automations and respond appropriately to guest feedback.

The online training course “MarketingManager” is aimed at hoteliers as well as receptionists who are entrusted with sending info mails and newsletters but are not familiar with them. The focus is on the functions of the MarketingManager, its premium version and the integrated RatingManager.



  • general
  • settings Online.Selling.Platform
  • settings Application Center
  • media library
  • newsletter
  • filter
  • mailing

MarketingManager Premium

  • automated mailing
  • settings
  • template changes


  • general
  • settings Application Center
  • infomail after departure
  • customer rating
  • rating overview
  • widgets


Course cost per person € 490,00
Two persons of one company in one course € 890,00
Please note the limited number of participants of six persons per course!


  • Internet connection on the PC
  • Loudspeaker and microphone or ideally headset
  • Webcam (external or integrated in the device)
  • To work on the exercise examples, you need a current Office 2019 or Office 365

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