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The GASTROdat website guarantees you the simplest operability and traceability, since all our OSP modules are cast from one mold and function according to the same logic. Furthermore, the site clearly reflects your existing room categories and services from your room management software. Translated with (free version)

Keep track of the content on your webpage at all times and fill temporary action pages with just a few clicks, update your photos yourself or simply bring your content to the potential guest in a friendly way!

GASTROdat dynamicPages helps you creating contents for your website and keeping it up-to-date permanently. The operation is very easy and can playfully be handled also by „non-IT-pros“.

The system is based on the knowledge that according to an international study all touristic web-pages compromise a set of certain modules.

These are for example:

  • pictures
  • picture galleries
  • picture/text blocks
  • online booking
  • online request
  • subscribing and unsubscribing newsletter
  • room descriptions
  • price lists
  • directions
  • imprint
  • etc.

Thanks to the application of highly modern technologies you can “programme” your website with GASTROdat dynamicPages in two steps only.

  1. choose the required blocks per page
  2. adjust their order with drag & drop individually